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Australia part I

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Last Thursday I arrived in Sydney Australia. After a flight from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi (Six hours) and then a painstaking long flight to Sydney. (14 hours) On arrival it feels like I'm in some kind of dream. Dead tired and there was only one thing on my mind. Sleep! Me and my colleague slept till 12:00 and did a short visit to the city center. The weather was terrible so was my mood. Sydney felt like a British version of San Fransisco. I hope I am able to explore it a bit more next week, but I doubt it with the games upcoming. Today we drove from Sydney to Canberra. Because its a travel day we decided we could take the scenic route. We drove from Sydney into the Royal National Park. Along the coast up and off the M1 motorway. One of the prettiest road I drove and kind of reminded me of the Route 1 in California. The vegetations is like nowhere els. I see plans I have in me house growing in the wild. The birds are more colorful and the cows... well the cows look exactly like the ones back home. After 3 hours along the sunny coast we went inland towards Canberra. Large green field and high hills and in the middle of it bad weather. Then  the kangaroo and what I think wombat signs started to show up... Soon after we witnessed pure mayhem, It took about 30 dead road- killed kangaroos and wombats before we finally...